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Fat Sex: The Naked Truth


”No man will ever love you,” proclaimed my grandmother in her self-assessed infinite wisdom. I was nine or ten—old enough to know exactly what she was talking about, and young enough that I believed her. Thirty-five years later, in the kind of therapy they do for veterans of war, I understood that she wasn’t entirely right. But, she wasn’t entirely wrong. Of course, as any therapy veteran would know, right or wrong, it was not about a man’s love for me, but “my love for myself.” I’ll get right on that.

It took me years—years—to say the word fat. It took what felt like an entire brain overhaul to say the words fat sex”
– Fat Sex: The Naked Truth

This comes from a book that has collected the stories of people that combine two things that though being some of the most visible things in the western world is still shaming to name. Sex & Fat. Now the people in this book combine this on everyday basis, because no matter the size you still have to live and you don´t become desexualized just because you´re bigger than the current beauty standard. They talk openly and just tell their story of how they found and express their sexuality. I love listen to peoples stories, to let their words unfold their thinking and inner workings..To get an idea of the book, look at this two links:

The Man With the Really Big… Belly

Fat Sex: How One Woman Let Herself Find Pleasure


To support and find the book check their site: Fat Sex: The Naked Truth



Pics: Fat Sex: The Naked Truth Pinterest


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  1. Thank you for your lovely blog post! I appreciate your support very much. – Rebecca Jane Weinstein

    Publicerat av Rebecca Jane Weinstein | 11 september, 2012, 20:38


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