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    Yesterday was an exciting non stop activity day! Confusion, chaos, last minute changes and lots of good comrade, good feelings and happy people.
    Some of the things that happened yesterday:

    Pelle Ullholm from RFSL come by and explained their new interactive webtool called: Kondomplan ( Condomplan ). The point of this nicely done simplistic site is that you, by answering questions can reflect over your knowledge and use of condoms. You answer both on why you should use a condom and why not, which people you use a condom with and which you don’t, etc.
    The results show your answers almost as a timeline of your condom usage, so that you can either see progress or not and can think even more about it all and maybe create a plan on how you want to continue. How to bring up the question about condoms with different partners, making sure to have one and so on.
    Pelle told that a lot of people are very aware of condoms but have many different explanations on why they do not use them and that this is a way let them explore on why they choose to do that way and what is it that stops them from using them. Are they afraid to be perceived the wrong way? They might not know how to carry them around? Is it a moment killer?
    But there is nothing bad with taking a moment of reflection, specially when none of your answers are stored on the site. It’s all anonymous and free.

    If you want check it out click here: Kondomplan


    The things that got caught my mind is when talking about different types of people that you answer about on the site. One of them called ”the one you’re hoping for” which is actually not often you hear about. Most categorizing is partner, lover, one night stand, friend,etc., but a lot of us have this one person that just never left our mind and what do we do if we get the opportunity to hanky panky with them? Or it’s just a semi poetic name..

    The other thing is that people that use a condom could and probably should be perceived as adults that are responsible, aware of their sexdrive, confident enough to bring it up and are considerate of their partner as well because they are actually protecting the other person too. Those qualities do sound as good signs.

    Either way there are fun ways to put a condom on and also making sure that it is comfortable both during anal, vaginal and oral sex. And by practicing it you just get better 😉



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