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Busting some gender myths!

    In review done by psychologist Terri Conley and colleagues, at University of Michigan, through psychology studies (the study subjects being college students) and find that gender differences aren’t always as black-and-white as they seem. Six very intreresting and wide spread myths that they reviewed are:

    1. Men want ”sexy,” women want ”status”.

    When asked to describe their ideal mate the study subjects did follow the myth but when put in a real situation like speed dating they were equally interested in both the looks and the earnings of their partner. So in the real life it´s the whole package that counts more even if you dream of your sexy feline or rich dandy.

    2. Men want many sex partners, women want far fewer.

    The problem with asking this question is that there too often happens that some say more than the rest which pumps up the numbers more that it should , but if you go by the most frequent answer both male and women would actually like to have just…one partner. As fun bedhopping can be, most people seems to just want a partner that they can be with.


    3. Men think about sex more than women do.

    This is both true and at the same time does not have the same meaning as it´s known for. Because even if men during a day do think more about sex than women, be that not ”every seven seconds” but actually ca: 18/day for men and 10/day for women. Men do averagely think more about all body functions more, so everything from going to the bathroom to getting food is just often thought of, therefore not making the thought of sex somehow more distinct.

    4. Women have far fewer orgasms than men do.

    In one night stands, begining of relationships and similar circumstances it’s been shown that this is true due to different factors but women do catch up when being in long term relationships scoring almost as many orgasm as men.


    5. Men like casual sex more than women do.

    In a study from 1989 it did show that most men accept a proposition for sex from women but most women say no to men. But the factors that do equalize this is if the proposition would come from someone familiar, very attractive or famous.
    My own little theory is that not that women don’t like casual sex but since being considered an sexual object in the society we are getting this offer enough times to making saying no a habit.

    6. Women are pickier than men.

    This does have some biological facts behind but it has been shown that the pickiness is depending on whether you are approached or approaching. Since men are traditionally are the ones making the approach it leads to women being the more picky ones. But if reversed then the men are as picky.

    There are contradictions to the myths and the myths themselves will never fit every person or a culture. Though it’s interesting to see how widespread they are and often used within media and entertainment and therefore keeping the myths alive. But the reality it’s quite different and it’s good to be aware of that.


    Women, Men and the Bedroom

    Six Myths About Female Sexuality and Why They’re Myths

    Busted! Gender Myths in the Bedroom & Beyond

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