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Lust at first sight.

    One of my favourite things to say is that love is the original drug. Yet in the society it’s more accepted to view love, addictions and lust as different things. But more and more studies show how biologically it’s all intertwined in the brain.
    Simply put, it all starts with lust. So there is no love at first sight at least if you ask the brain, there is only lust at first sight. Lust activates the same areas in the brain as things like food or drugs do. But the transition of novelty into habit is activated and etablished by other part of the brain called striatum, and is also what becomes love. So love is by the brain measure is born out of lust and love in itself is only a habit, all created by the reward system in the brain.
    But both lust and love are epic in the ways they rule in our life. Addiction of any other thing, like drugs, food, sex or shopping are all using exact the same pathways in the brain, they are only substituting love. This is a very simple description of the mechanism that combines lust, love and addictions in our brain, giving only simple statements such as..
    Lust at first sight. Love is a habit. Addiction is a substitute for love. Or…love is the original drug.

    Read more, though written in Swedish you can translate the site to your preferred language, about the chemicals that go wild in the brain during love,lust and addiction in my The Basics of Love.
    And more studies are coming through explaining the process…I like! This and the discussion I had yesterday with a lonesome guy reminded me of this.

    Is That Love You Are Feeling Or Just Lust?


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