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Body Language Cues

A world renowned anthropologist explores the nonverbal signs, signals, and cues human beings exchange to attract and keep their mates. As a medium of communication, Love’s silent language predates speech by millions of years. Today, we still express emotions and feelings largely apart from words. The postures, gestures, and facial cues of attraction are universal, in all societies and cultures.
Love Signals is part enthnography and part how-to. Dr. Givens documents the little courting rituals witnessed in elevators, on subways, and in the workplace. Here are some tips:

Build Familiarity

  • Walk within arm’s reach of your target on your way to the bathroom, the kitchen, the keg or the bar. Repeat several times.
  • Studies prove that we like things simply because we’ve seen them before.

Draw Attention to Yourself

  • When you are near your prey, drop something—a napkin, a glove, a watch. Bend down and pick it up.
  • We notice moving objects, even when we can see them only out of the corners of our eyes.

Show Interest

  • Lift one shoulder and cock your head to the side.
  • Anthropologists call this the ”cute response.” For both sexes it says, ”I’m interested.” It also says, ”I’m adorable.”

Be Vulnerable

  • Wear an open shirt, and touch your neck and collarbone.
  • A neck-touch is as appealing to men as it is to women. You are literally pointing out a weak spot.

Follow Your Partner

  • If he scratches his head, you scratch your head. If he does the funky chicken, you do the funky chicken.
  • Isopraxism, moving in unison, is based on a deep-seated instinct to copy the actions of those we find attractive.

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