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    At the moment with work, practice in the Geriatrics at the Danderyds Hospital, studies at nurse programme & simultaneously working with 3 websites I am getting tired. I enjoy it though..exhaustion because of interesting things. But..
    I am the accelerate until crush type.
    Nowadays, I drink lots of coffe & pills to keep on. I’d rather drink alcohol to relax than sex it up. I’d rather take a walk alone for hours than socialize.
    I really need to escape soon. But even if I work my ass off, I do alot of free work just out of interest & seriously not taking any student loans. So I don’t really have the money to get away on my own and I’m to stubborn to let anyone buy me a trip. But I need to get away soon. To get some new perspective. To see other people.
    To get some rest. To rest from myself.


    Some things I’ve learned so far from the practice with elders that had stroke, cancer or are dying and so many other patients.

    1. Live for all that you are worth now AND plan for your old times aswell. Oddly we can plan our retirement activities but not what happens for when our bodies get old. So learn your familys health history, the most common sickness of the elders and which healthcare is provided in your country. Even if it will still be a shock the day your body is no longer the same, these kind of practical knowledge helps you.

    2. Do take care of yourself by creating some healthy habits, and be proud of it. Like maybe eating a couple fruits through the day, doing morning gymnastics, stretching, take a walk each day, etc. These little habits keep you in better shape than all the gettheduckfaceandthinthighsandgetridofstomachandbotoxawayallemotion- beauty procedure ever will.

    3. Even if you’re a solitude lover like myself in the end, it’s not gratifying to be alone at old age. So take care of the relationships with the people in your life that you feel you want to be there for life. Maybe it’ your family, friends, partners, extended family, people that just care…whoever it is, together you are creating a social safety net for each other and are valuable in your mere existence. Just the intimacy, the bonding, the socialisation, the activities, the touching between you have a major role in your health…it’s not only about having a contact number if something happens to you.

    4. Do aspire to do as much you can yourself for as long as it goes. You will figure out new ways to do stuff for every obstacle that old age might kick your way. And by continuing with you regular day to day activities you keep yourself alert. But when you notice that you’re no longer capable of doing stuff, ask for help. You can save yourself a bone or two by just doing that.

    5. Your attitude on life is of outermost importance. And how mighty fun it might sound to become the bitter, sarcastic, aggressive elder..it’s the humour that can keep you sane and it’s having a positive attitude that keeps you going even though the medicin has given up. It’s what makes you that miracle patient.

    6. Let your passion for something bloom. The nerdy thing in your life is a saviour of memories. Small things about whatever you’re passionate about that maybe doesn’t mean anything for someone else, but for you are stories full of moments in your life.

    7. Get a pet 🙂


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