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Thank you for being patient and welcome everyone who has found me during these months even though I wasn´t writing.

It´s been really hectic period in my life. You know when you have those weeks that just swooosh by and you just can´t understand how you managed to do everything and how time just passed you by.
Since the last time I wrote about my break up, shortly: I´ve moved and moved again to one of my favorite areas in Stockholm City, I´ve build and managed two other sites, had 7 exams, worked and started practice at elder care. And bunch of other things.
As I wrote before…Hello the hectic pace of 30 something (even though I still got 3 years left until that).

I´ve changed the site slightly, I´m thinking of changing it totally since I´ve learned so much more about WP.com and HTML/CSS during this time….but I kinda like it. But this lighter version.
Also since I still don´t know which language to write there is the option of translating the site from Swedish or English into your chosen language.
There is also a sexologist in training tumblr now, by the name lust research and you can reach it through the icon under the bloglovin icon. This tumblr is a voyeuristic journey looking of different ways that sexuality is expressed. You see one of my favorite ways of relaxing sometimes is just look at beautiful sexual pictures. And if you like to have a look…go ahead.
Look: http://lust-research.tumblr.com/

Once again thank you all of you that take your time to come here, I´ve meet some of you and each time I just feel sucha gratitude and joy! This pause doesn´t mean anything, this is my passion but I´m also a person with different interests and therefore I have I tendency to split myself to everywhere!
But I always come back to sex 😉

Cheers and keep the passion fervent!

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.has learned to be a lover and a loner because i can´t stand anything else but the depths of a person.

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