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The Essential Guide to Defense Mechanisms – Susan Krauss Whitbourne


”Defense mechanisms are a part of our everyday life.
Even if you’re not a Freudian by philosophy or training, you’ve got to admit that there’s something to be said for the idea that everyone engages in some form of self-deception at least some of the time.
The question is—can you detect the form of deception that you, your friends, colleagues, and family are using at any given moment?”


Since I´m spending most of my time in front of the anatomy book due to the exams..here is a really good article by Susan Krauss Whitbourne, a Professor of Psychology at the University of Massachusetts. It recaps all the different types of defense mechanism that we use everyday. As I mentioned before now I am really good at Intellectualization and Rationalization.
Yep, think it all away until the feelings burst out and remind you can´t just think when you also feel…for how long will we need defenses?

Continue to read here:

 The Essential Guide to Defense Mechanisms




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