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Sex & Christmas

In the middle of the Christmas chaos it’s easy to forget about yourself. How you can for a moment get away from it all and relax by giving and receiving pleasure.
So to inspire this moment, to give yourself or you partner something that will unwind you, loosen up and make you simmer in your bodys feel good hormones…I have gone through some of the finest erotic shops in Stockholm. And if you live here, please do visit a world devoted to sensual bliss. And if you don’t live in Stockholm well…all of them have online shops!

Love Store
Bondegatan 6, Stockholm

This little charming shop was set up 1999, by Carina Eiche and offered a place that is inviting, casual and open about both men and womens sexuality. It is a very women friendly store, almost like a chic womens boutique. A place where you can go with your mom and not really feel embarased!
The staff are knowledgeble, helpful and have a genuin intrest in how you can achieve the thrill and spice in your sexlife. You notice that they like their job!






The good thing with coming in contact with people by helping them out with intimate purchases is that you learn a lot about peoples sexlife. At Love Store they have noticed that people often miss the knowledge about their own body and how to pleasure it. It’s not about buying the latest sextoy, it’s about how your body works and then finding the toy that will give you the most utter pleasure.

But they do at the moment recommend 2 things;
The all natural clitoral oil ”ON”. It’s an oil made with ethereal oils and does not contain menthol or L-argine. It’s just oils that when put around the genital area, produces a warm, electrifying sensation that lasts cirka 45-60 minutes. Enough time to achive an orgasm or two..


Lelo produces a wide range of tastefully designed vibrators and one of the latest is ”Lyla”.
It’s a small, waterproof vibrator shaped as an egg. It’s quiet, has a smooth siliconsurface and can be used on and inside the genitals. The best thing is that it’s remote controlled. The remote also as pretty and discreet as the egg, corresponds with the vibrations of the egg and gives you the control up to 12 meters away. Why that is good is up to your imagination to find out..


Love Stores Website
Love Stores Facebook

Afrodites Apotek
Katarina bangatan 17 & Grev Turegatan 1, Stockholm

This cosy shop (Katarina Bangatan) was opened by Ylva Franzén, a famous sexpert in Sweden, that has released a book about female orgasms, written in several magazines, has an orgasm school and Venusgården, an educational lovehotel in the beautiful countryside of Skåne.
At Afrodites Apotek you will find a homey feeling of a person that is slightly obsessed with erotica. The supply is overwhelming but definitly gives you a chance to find something you like. It’s a cosy and well-attended shop. The stuff are helpful and assit you in finding new things.
They too have noticed that people need to explore their body more and try to break out of the usual sex routine.






Their tip for a Christmas gift are these 2;

Lelo Intimina series are powerful vibrators with 6 diffrent rythms and 16 diffrent speeds. They are made of toxic-free cerise silicone, are quite and available in variuos shapes. It is easy to find a favourite and to enjoy the high quality against your sacred private area..


We-Vibe III is a vibrator designed to stimulate both the clitoris and G-spot at the same time and even during the intercourse. It’s anatomicly correct, made of non-toxic soft silicone and also totally handsfree, making it easy to use.


Afrodites Apotek Website

Pom Pom Parlour
Fridhemsgatan 45, Stockholm

This is a an erotic boutique for the tasteful and wicked woman. They produce their own wide range of erotic merchandise that is stylish, sensual and with a slight flirtation with the glamour of the 40s and the 50s era. You can find others brands here as well, if you do not get seduced by Pom Pom Parlours own little things. All products are unpacked and displayed beautifully, giving you the permission of touch and feel before you buy. The staff represent the concept and are familiar with everything that sells in the store. It’s easy to see that they love the glamorous and dark store and care about being it an open place for sexuality with mutual respect, consideration and joie de vivre.






What they have noticed is that people don’t often communicate enough about their needs and desires. By taking the step of visiting an erotic shop is often the start of a conversation that continues long afterwards..

Their tip for Christmas gifts are these 2;

For the slightly daring, a pair of matte black metal cuffs could engine the imagination of where and how to cuff them.


For the elegant touch a pair of Pom Pom Parlours stockings is a beautiful gift as they caress and enhance the legs and feet of you or your darling.


Pom Pom Parlours Website
Pom Pom Parlours Facebook

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