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So since my site is classified as adult content, even though I think it´s not that NSFW…but hey, at least now I can use as many artistic and seductively nude pictures as I want.
But the thing is that between studying full-time, working almost full-time and living full-time, this site takes time and effort. So it would be nice if it in the end could be helping me as much as any other big bloggers sites do for them. But apparently most swedes want to read about Kissie, Paow, Katrin Zytomierska and etc.
So I introduce another thing…..SEXOLOGIST IN TRAINING SHOP!!!

Here you can find my first tries of making some simple clothes and accessories that are worth the money and AT THE SAME TIME YOU SUPPORT ME 😀

Many bloggers have the feature where you can donate a sum of money but on the sexologist-in-training.spreadshirt.se, you can buy something you fancy and at the same time help out with your support!

So check it out! At the moment I´m sitting and trying to understand design with Adobe Illustrator so that I can create my own motives and lower the prices even more. So I´ll be coming back to improve stuff…until then hey, you might find a Christmas present there!


You can find it on the left side before the bloglovin icon!
love/ aki

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sexologist in training


4 reaktioner på ”support

  1. BTW, right now they have free delivery until 2 of January! Use the voucher you see in the banner on the site!

    Publicerat av sexologistintraining | 17 december, 2011, 13:40
  2. Cuffs? Silvertejp Aki, silvertejp… 😀

    Publicerat av Ringo | 2 januari, 2012, 23:18


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